The Hybrid Program

A strategy, workshop & advisory service...

Chances are you struggle with Facebook ads and...

You're tired of trying everything to make it work?

You’ve done the initial work, setup your business manager, created your site, built the campaigns…

But now you’re stuck and…

  1. You don’t have time, or energy to figure it out by yourself
  2. You are not ready to invest in an ad agency yet.
    (maybe you’ve been burned from inexperienced agencies)

And yes, you can spend countless hours looking up YouTube videos, following “guru” advice, or even hiring a consultant to give you the answers… and still have to do the work yourself.

Or, you can let me do the initial work for you, as a one-time service…

Here's the bottom line:

I will audit your account, workshop a customized strategy with you, and set everything up to go live, just as if you were a private client of mine.

Plus, I will provide support after it’s all said and done so you can confidently manage it.

Especially if right now:

Why A "Hybrid" Program?

The truth is, you are smart enough to do it on your own...

But here’s the problem… it takes a lot of time, and mental energy to get everything build and momentum going.

Do you do have the productivity for putting all the pieces of the puzzle together?

Maybe you just need the right framework, a little push and support, so you can work on your business and have some body else fast-track the groundwork for you.

That’s what the Pro’s do.

This Hybrid Program is designed to give you that much needed “done-for-you” edge with support to maintain it..

Finally, are you ready to stand on a solid foundation, scale faster, and manage your Facebook account with more reliability and less day-to-day chaos?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You’ve got a real business with a product-to-market fit (currently generating revenue) and need to amplify it.
  • You can move quickly – if after we launch, you don’t have the ability to accelerate your business, optimize, and scale this isn’t for you.
  • You’re prepared to invest in yourself – this isn’t a cut-and-past service you can find anywhere. it’s a premium experience that will be customized for your business.
  • You can roll up your sleeves and do some level of work after everything is launched. This isn’t a “set it” and “forget it” thing. I can give you a boost, but you will need to maintain momentum.
  • Lastly, I have a “no asshole” policy. If you have an attitude or like to whine and complain frequently, then this isn’t going to work. Ongoing support is a bonus, and I will stop immediately with assholes. Life is too short.

Once you’ve taken care of payment, you will be sent to an on-boarding process as we audit and prepare for our strategy call.

Next is the strategy call where we clarify and workshop a custom roadmap for your unique business objectives.

After our discussion is the done-for-you build phase. Get your account setup, campaign built, and ready to launch.

After the launch we provide bonus advisory month (30 days of support) so you have real time advisory, even after the program is over.

As an extra bonus, we provide 30 minute 1:1 consulting session within those 30 days because results matter to me and I want to make sure everything is running as it should.

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