Facebook Ads Audit

Take full control over your ads account with an expert review followed by data-proven tactics to improve ads (and business) results.

Andy will personally spend time reviewing your account, in private – then hop on a video call to prescribe you a solution & answer your questions.

Struggling with Facebook Ads?

Most ad managers get lost in the day-to-day problem solving when it comes to optimizing their ads.

What are the exact actions you need to finally get steady, reliable growth?

Like an athlete who uses a coach to help him perfect his baseball swing… This strategy session is designed to save time and give you a “roadmap” on how to approach ads.

Here’s what most “amateurs” do (and fail):

  1. They try and do it themselves, get overwhelmed and waste a lot of time + resources.
  2. They copy their competitors (or some online “guru”) but it doesn’t produce the same results.
  3. They get stuck going “two-steps back“ and unsure how to connect the dots moving forward.

Here’s what elite advertisers do:

The elite advertisers use tested & proven frameworks (like our “incremental testing formula”) to build and manage their digital marketing.

More Confidence & Consistency

Of course, you could try and figure it out yourself… but who has time for that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply learn what’s working… right now?

It might be the smartest business move you make if you want to stop wasting any more precious time and money…

Here's exactly what will happen

Once you’ve scheduled your calendar, you’ll grant Andy “analyst access” to your ad account.

Before the call, Andy will conduct an audit of your Facebook ad platform in general and provide an in-depth review outlining best practices and missed opportunities.

During the call, we will share screens and jump head first into your FB ads and answer any questions along the way.

Who it's designed for?

An account audit is for you if you’re an eCommerce / DTC brand, agency, or media buyer working on an existing business and are unsure where to proceed with your Facebook Ads.

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

Why do clients book?

An audit can help you achieve the following in 1 session:

Why busy people hire me...

They Value Their Time

Running the business takes resources – do you have the energy to master a new skill? I'll show you a faster way.

They Want To Find Opportunities

I'll track down areas you can improve results and create stable, and profitable campaigns.

They Want A "Results" GPS

I’ve got answers to the questions you haven’t asked. Let me shorten your learning phase and guide you to the next step.

They Want To Stop Wasting Money

I’ve made all those mistakes you haven’t made yet. Let's prevent you from wasting time, money or resources.

Here's What You'll Get...

Select the option that fits your needs below...

The Facebook Ads Session

I will personally hop on a Video Call and audit your entire FB ads account, from how it’s structured, how it's optimized (and more).


About 85% of clients will purchase 3-4 audit sessions with me. You can add 2 extra calls for only $197 each by CLICKING HERE.

Fair Warning - I cut right to the chase and tell it to you STRAIGHT AWAY – what needs to change to create actionable results.

Facebook Ads Audit

Need an extra pair of eyes on your ads account? 


Multi-Session Audit

$597 Save $94
$ 497
  • Pre-Call Facebook Ads Audit
  • 30-minute consulting call (3 sessions)​
  • 7-day Email Support (per session)
  • Video Recording
What are you waiting for?

Schedule Your Session

Notice on cancellations: Time slots are at a premium and are booked days or weeks in advance. For that reason, appointments can not be rescheduled at the last minute, barring emergencies. No-shows will not be refunded. If a new time is needed after a no-show, payment will be required for that second meeting time.

Notice on cancellations: Time slots are at a premium and are booked days or weeks in advance. For that reason, appointments can not be rescheduled at the last minute, barring emergencies. Cancellations will not be refunded. If a new time is needed after a cancelation, payment will be required for that second meeting time.

Here's Why Clients Invest In This Risk-Free Audit

Starting at only $297, most people use this session as an alternative to “done for you” services – saving the large price tag of hiring an agency or professional media buyer to build their campaign from scratch.

This is a great way to test-drive our services. If you want to take our blueprint, and you’ve got the experience to implement it yourself – great!

And if the advice didn’t meet your expectations, you have a 72-Hour Money Back Guarantee…

Plus, if you want my help to implement these solutions within those 72 hours, we’ll put the cost of this consultation towards any work you need done – essentially making this consultation risk-free for you.

Begin Your Audit Onboarding:

"We get over $200 of lifetime value for every $5-$15 we spend. It's funny how Andy had two national competitors attempting to copy our ads and offer almost exactly.. from the upsell to copywriting."
Jasmine Parks
Professional Services
"I've partnered with many entrepreneurs... but Andy is often the "go to" guy I ask for advice. He's been a valuable asset to growing my businesses... especially when we hit an obstacle."
Charlie Pham

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$ 297

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